Telematics Providers
CDL widens access to self-install option

7th May 2020

CDL is supporting telematics brokers to offer a self-install option to enable business continuity through the COVID-19 lockdown and make it possible for consumers to activate 'pay how you drive' insurance independently.

With engineer installations of black box devices currently stalled, telematics service providers, such as Octo Telematics, have moved quickly to enable customers to continue accessing the benefits of telematics insurance policies, and CDL has worked closely with them to facilitate the technology changes needed.

Typically, self-install options are only available to older demographic groups, but changes within the telematics hub give brokers the flexibility to offer this option to any customer, either for an initial short-term period or as the permanent basis of their telematics policy.

CDL Commercial Director, Nigel Phillips, said: "The essential feature of CDL's telematics hub is that it gives insurance retailers the ability to create their own business rules and retain control when offering a telematics policy and, clearly, in the current circumstances, the ability to widen access to self-install devices makes perfect business sense.

"We are working closely with all our customers to ensure business continuity through the current challenges and using technology to adapt processes to the new context."

Self-install devices are dispatched directly to the customer and are fitted in a variety of ways, including plugging directly in to the vehicles OBD port or a simple connection to the car battery, meaning they can easily be fitted by people without technical or DIY skills and eliminating the need to call out an engineer.